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It is the goal of Peak Conditioning to make personal training affordable. We aim to keep our standard studio rate at $40 per session. Please contact us for no pressure info to see if we are right for each other. Single session program design available for clients to perform independently at their current exercise location. Thanks

We can be contacted at:
Telephone: 519.645.2118


I decided to race in my first Multisport/Adventure Triathlon at the end of a year long recovery from a severe ankle injury. I knew that strength training would be key to staying injury free. Seanís reply to my email inquiry was not pushy or sales oriented, it was honest and upfront. I truly believe that my training with Sean is what allowed me to stay healthy through my training and my race.

Iím in my 40s, and an on again off again gym member. Iíve never felt stronger than I do right now and the only thing I did different this time was hire Sean. There were times I cursed him out under my breath (it was not easy!) yet he was never anything but kind, encouraging, and realistic. I was blown away by his dedication to my success, even checking in with me throughout the week between sessions. I will continue to use his expertise to help me reach my goals.

My only regretÖ I didnít find him sooner.

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