ABS For Dads

As wonderful as parenting is, it also changes the dynamics of life and can be busy and stressful. With the current pace of our society, dads can often lose the time and motivation needed for quality exercise and results. ABS FOR DADS is an affordable exercise program designed to get dads back in shape.

ABS for Dads

Dads owe it to themselves as individuals and as role models to their kids to be the best they can be.

10 Considerations for DADS fitness and the benefits of the ABS FOR DADS program

TESTOSTERONE - Men's secret weapon! However, men's testosterone decreases over time having negative physical effects in numerous ways. Amazingly "a study found that once men became fathers their testosterone levels went down substantially and more dramatically then other groups of men" (Fatherhood, childcare and testosterone by Lisa Geotter Oct 5 2011). ABS FOR DADS aims to create natural testosterone through diet and exercise having a myriad of benefits including gaining muscle, losing fat, raising metabolism, increasing energy, sex drive and more.

CONTROLLING WEIGHT - Studies show the risk of weight gain increased with fatherhood, increasing again with subsequent children. In fact "a british research firm reports that the average dads weight gain during his partners pregnancy is 14lbs" (New York Times, Motherlode by Lisa Bekin), due to numerous factors. ABS FOR DADS utilizes techniques to increase metabolism, improve body composition and employs strategies for long term success specifically for dads.

PROBLEM AREAS - ABS FOR DADS considers men's problem areas which are often the abdomen including; lower abs, lower back, sides of waist and visceral (fat around the organs) fat. Of course the program is designed to improve overall health and meet goals of which the mid section are only one consideration.

NUTRITION - ABS FOR DADS focuses on nutritional advice that's realistic, aimed to up testosterone levels, utilizing normal store bought food and food that can accommodate the whole family.

SPORTS - Sports are fun, social and good exercise. However, they don't usually cover the necessary components of fitness to allow men to meet their fitness goals. ABS FOR DADS helps dads meet those fitness goals and can also include sport specific elements to help dads improve in the sports they love.

GENDER - Stats show that unlike women, who are generally impartial, men prefer fitness facilitation by a same gender professional. ABS FOR DADS is facilitated by a father of three young children.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - ABS FOR DADS utilizes techniques that not only allow dads to improve aesthetically, meet goals and improve health but also improve their abilities for real life. This can include sports, work, avoiding injury, lifting kids, keeping up with kids and being a healthy parent overall.

PERSONALIZED PROGRAMMING - ABS FOR DADS programs are truly individualized for each dad. Taking into consideration numerous parameters which can be read in our adult section. The number one goal is to help the individual meet their goals and therefore the programs are uniquely tailored.

TIME EFFECTIVE TRAINING - All the programs and expectations for future independent fitness are practical and designed to accommodate busy lives and the inconsistencies of parenting.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS - ABS FOR DADS teaches the skills necessary to enjoy long term fitness. This includes increasing energy, motivation, and strategies for overcoming common male related barriers to fitness.

WAIT !!!!!!!! Men don't ask for help. Do they? No directions, no instructions. However, when it comes to our kids, our health, and our futures it may be time for an exception. The benefits of personal training are well documented and only a call or email away.

"My experience training with Sean has been very positive and effective. With Seans training and nutritional advice I was able to safely and quickly lose 20lbs (205-185lbs). The programs he puts together for our training sessions are never boring and are personalized to attaining my fitness goals. I would highly recommend Seans personal training services to anyone wanting a trainer that works hard and really cares about getting his clients results." - Greg

"Now lost another 20lbs with Sean"

“I’d like to thank Sean for all his assistance with my weight loss/muscle gain. Without his knowledge, expertise and programs I would have had an extremely difficult time losing the weight. Thanks to my individualized program I managed to lose over 30lbs and feel a lot better about my self image as well as feeling healthier” - Tom