Peak Conditioning specializes in functional real world personal training in London Ontario. Offering in home or studio sessions with unique programs for adults, adolescents and nurses. Please explore this website to learn more about our practical approach to long term health and fitness.

Trainer Bio

Sean Kingswell was first Certified as a Personal Trainer over 18 years ago. He has an Honours University Degree and a College Diploma in F.E.S.  He has been a certified personal trainer with Canadian Fitness Professionals since 2005.  As a highly experienced trainer with a wide range of qualifications his additional certifications include..

He holds a position as a fitness contributor to a major publication and has experience as a wellness presenter. He has completed the CAMH core course in smoking cessation and level two stroke school.  He has had speciality training in posture, ABC and running injury prevention and functional training.  He has had numerous other educational opportunities including, weight management, cardio kickboxing, mental strength for fitness, core assessment and training, and NCCP.  He has completed the Safetalk course. He is certified in first aid and CPR and is a former instructor.  He is certified and experienced in CISM. Volunteer experience includes YMCA, fitness and wellness volunteer, overt, distress centre, Big Brother, Block Parent, Special Olympics, Safe School committee, coaching and more. He is the very proud father of three great sons.

"I have been working with Sean for just over 3 months. In the last 3 months he has been providing with me the resources to help me with my lifestyle change such as nutrition information, menu plans, recipes and workouts outside of the training sessions. I have had many positive changes since working out with Sean. I have lost weight, increased my strength but more importantly I no longer feel tired all the time, I am much happier and I am more confident. Seans workouts are challenging, always changing and fun! I am thankful I started working out with him as it has made so many positive changes in my life. - Megan